"Rock journalism is people who can't write
interviewing people who can't talk
for people who can't read."
(Frank Zappa)

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April Robinson – Founder, Managing Editor  Interviews, News April began her career at HMV’s Toronto flagship store on Yonge Street, coordinating live in-store performances, autograph sessions and assorted special events. From here she went on to become a Product Manager at Zomba Records Canada, working with pop icons Britney Spears, N•SYNC and Backstreet Boys. As...
Single: 'No Future/No Past' by Cloud Nothings

Single: ‘No Future/No Past’ by Cloud Nothings

Cloud Nothings is back with a Steve Albini produced LP Attack on Memory, and if the pre-released opening track No Future/No Past is any indication of what’s to come, the album title is going to hold true. A departure from the glistening punchy pop of the band’s self-titled debut, No Future/No Past is a weighty...
'Cloud Nothings' by Cloud Nothings

‘Cloud Nothings’ by Cloud Nothings

Despite his young age, Dylan Baldi has already begun etching out his place in the music scene. The young Clevelander has been steadily pumping out lo-fi punk driven pop-rock tracks under the moniker Cloud Nothings for quite some time now, his recordings drawing notice from the likes of Real Estate and Wavves—impressive considering he is...