This band of British brothers may now be sans Johnny Marr, but there’s certainly no shortage of big names gracing the liner notes of In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull: part of the LP was recorded with Flaming Lip/Mercury Rev producer Dave Fridmann and another with Mr. (needs-no-introduction) Steve Albini.

In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull can be obtained digitally in North America as of May 8 and physically as of May 15 (on Wichita) but you can start enjoying the heck out of it today! Filled with certified ear-worms, we defy you to listen to Come On Be a No-One or Chi-Town and not get them stuck in your head for the rest of the morning. Start your stream now!

P.S. Look for an interview with vocalist Ryan Jarman next week on Talk Rock To Me.


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