Freshkills RaiseUpTheSheets.183932 Raise Up the Sheets by Freshkills

Released 03.13.12 on The End Records

This is more like it. Freshkills play upbeat, post-punk affected rock that is reminiscent of Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. The songs presented here on Raise Up the Sheets are strong and dynamic. I really like the band’s use a familiar rhythms (dig that Phil Spector beat on Child We Almost Had) and noisy guitars – it feels classic and modern at the same time.

I mentioned Ted Leo earlier in the entry, and in a way I hear that throughout the entire album, but the other vibe I get from this is the early days of Interpol. Sure the production isn’t as dark and claustrophobic as Interpol but the deep dramatic voice of lead singer Zachary Lipez definitely recalls the halcyon days of those suit-wearing, Ian Curtis ripping lads in Interpol.

But Freshkills aren’t Lenny Kravitz-styled imitators of Matador Records artists. Instead, they are a strong and powerful rock band. I really dig Raise Up the Sheets, and I recommend seeking it out.

— By Jason Bugg of The Bugg Blog, a freelance writer who has a wife, a bad rental home, two dogs, four cats, no kids, clinical depression and terribly strong thighs for a white man.


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