"Rock journalism is people who can't write
interviewing people who can't talk
for people who can't read."
(Frank Zappa)

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She & Him introduce festive 'Yule Log' app

She & Him introduce festive ‘Yule Log’ app

Zooey Deschanel (She) and M. Ward (Him) are arguably too cool for school but they’re  perfectly cool enough for Christmas. After releasing A Very She & Him Christmas last year — hip renditions of  seminal holiday hits by The Carpenters, Vince Guaraldi, The Beach Boys, Elvis Presley, etc — the duo now invite listeners to enjoy the glow of...
Teen idol flees devil-manager in M. Ward's 'Me and My Shadow'

Teen idol flees devil-manager in M. Ward’s ‘Me and My Shadow’

A teen idol (who looks remarkably like The Biebs) is on the run from his demonic, all-controlling manager in this new video for M. Ward’s Me and My Shadow. An adoring female fan—armed with only a mouth full of braces and sensible footwear—may be his only hope. CAMEO ALERT: Late night talk show host Conan...
While you were sleeping: M. Ward on Conan

While you were sleeping: M. Ward on Conan

M. Ward, the uber-prolific Portland folk-rocker and better half of She & Him, took center stage at the Conan Show last night to perform Primitive Girl from his newly released LP, A Wasteland Companion. For a review of this record, click here.
'A Wasteland Companion' by M. Ward

‘A Wasteland Companion’ by M. Ward

I’ve loved M. Ward for a long time. I love the sound of his records – somewhere between the dusty pops and cracks of a Smithsonian Folkways reissue and some sensitive boy singer/songwriter – I love the whisper of his voice that is simultaneously singing high notes and low notes and I love his fingerstyle...