"Rock journalism is people who can't write
interviewing people who can't talk
for people who can't read."
(Frank Zappa)

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Slim Twig debuts 'Altered Ego'

Slim Twig debuts ‘Altered Ego’

Toronto’s experimental pop-art phenom, Slim Twig, debuts his wild and wacky new video for Altered Ego, taken from his newly-released Sof’ Sike LP. The clip — shot is Montreal’s spanking-new PHI Centre — prominently features the costumes of Renata Morales who’s worked with a bevvy of dramatic musicians including Grimes, Arcade Fire and Zola Jesus....
Paper Bag Records: Slow and steady wins the race

Paper Bag Records: Slow and steady wins the race

I first met Trevor Larocque at the big HMV in Toronto. He was the baseball-cap-wearing new guy full of jokes in the Dance department, and I was the busy Marketing Supervisor dabbling in various shades of red hair. He said, “I’m Trevor; I used to be the biggest KISS fan,” and produced an embarrassingly uncool...
Slim Twig to release 'Sof' Sike' soon

Slim Twig to release ‘Sof’ Sike’ soon

You’d better get ready people, because Sof’ Sike, the forthcoming, psych-inspired LP from the eclectic Slim Twig, will be released via Paper Bag Records on August 21—and as the super-odd title suggests, it’ll be anything but ordinary. This newest record from one of Toronto’s most indefinable artists (just watch his self-directed Priscilla vid above and...


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