"Rock journalism is people who can't write
interviewing people who can't talk
for people who can't read."
(Frank Zappa)

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Because we're suckers for choirs and covers

Because we’re suckers for choirs and covers

(…And we’re totally in denial that the holidays are over, so even though it’s a touch tardy, allow us to throw out just one last holiday-inspired goodie before we delve headlong into the new year, k?) All-female Belgian rock choir Scala & Kolacny Brothers present December, an LP that explores a selection of non-traditional holiday...
Louise Burns (pt 2): Getting back in touch with her musical roots

Louise Burns (pt 2): Getting back in touch with her musical roots

British Columbia’s Louise Burns was just 11 years old when her band Tigerlily was signed to Madonna’s Maverick Records in 2003. Renamed Lillix and meticulously repackaged, Burns found that she’d assumed a role that had little to do with her true love of rock, and eventually quit in 2006. Studying at university by day and...


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