Adam Slater [guitar/vocals], Sagar Patel [drums] and Jon Clifford [bass/vocals] are the experimental psyche-pop act, MYSTYRYS, who’ve spent most of this year crafting a sometimes raucous but always rompin’ sound in in an array of London rehearsal spaces. Citing Women, early Liars and post-punks, Red Krayola as influences, the band have released two EPs in the past few months: Normals / Shadows and Cloud Appreciation / Sea Ice (which of course, we have thoughtfully embedded below).

Vocalist Jon Clifford — in the spirit of the holidays fills us in on the events and music that’s impacted his 2012, and what he hopes Ol’ Saint Nick will bring him for being good.

Describe 2012 in one sentence.
The awesome year that Psychic Healing Network was born.

Best event by far?
Starting [Psychic Healing Network] and getting our first single out. It’s been hectic for all the right reasons.

Favorite record this year?
Dan Deacon’s America. Unbelievably good.

What song proved to be the biggest earworm?
Ceremony’s Citizen. The opening to this has been going round in my head for far too long now.

What artist/band did something pretty cool this year that deserves a special nod?
Buke and Gass. Apart from everything they do being great, their version of Blue Monday definitely deserves a special nod.

Fess up: Like Christmas, love Christmas, or hate Christmas?
I like Christmas — and not just for the guilt free daytime drinking.

Where will you be on Christmas morning?
In bed, hopefully.

What’s on the top of your Christmas wishlist?
Tickets for Bruce Springsteen in my hometown. Apart from my family and friends I don’t have much excuse to go back there, so this is that excuse. Stupidly expensive though.

If MYSTYRYS were to cover a Christmas song, which would it be?
The Waitresses’ Christmas Wrapping. Pretty much the only only Christmas song that doesn’t make me want to pull my hair out.

Remember Band Aid’s Do They Know It’s Christmas? Which vocalist’s part would you sing or which instrumentalist would you sub-in for if a 2012 remake was proposed?
Phil Collins on drums. I’d make it some kind of double time thrash metal odyssey. Not that I have the drumming skills to do that, but I’d give it a shot.

Musical goals for 2013?
Record an album with MYSTYRYS and put out an ep and single for the two other acts we’re working with too. We’ve got a lot planned. 2013 is gonna rule.


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