Tess Henley

It’s safe to assume that it was her  mother — a professional singer  that gave Tess Henley her natural ear for music. It’s equally safe to assume that it was her dad  a record collector  who honed that ear by schooling Tess on iconic rockers like The Beatles, Tower of Power, and Steely Dan.

In that spirit of giving, Tess Henley has recorded, Christmas Won’t Do Without You featuring The Passenger String Quartet,  that’s free to download through December 15th. After that, as an evermore more charitable gesture, all proceeds from its sale will benefit military families through the Fisher House Foundation.


Describe 2012 in one sentence.
2012 was a great, exceptionally busy, but exciting year full of memories and music.

Best moment by far.
Finishing my last vocal take for the album in the studio. =)

Favorite record this year?
100 Hours
by Carson Henley (my brother).

What song proved to be the biggest earworm?
I feel like I always have a random earworm song stuck in my head, but the guilty pleasure earworm may have been, Call Me Maybe.

What artist did something pretty cool this year that deserves a special nod?
Carson Henley wrote and recorded an album in 100 waking hours. Who does that?! Quite a feat if you ask me. And to come out with a great album is even more impressive.

Fess up: Like Christmas, love Christmas or hate Christmas.
Love Christmas. I get to relax and spend time with family — two of my favorite things to do.

Where will you be on Christmas morning?
I spend Christmas morning with my family, opening up presents, eating (it’s usually nonstop starting Christmas Eve) and racking up some good ol’ QT with everyone.

What’s on the top of your Christmas wishlist?
I actually don’t know what I want for Christmas! I haven’t thought about it too much. What I truly could use will probably be out of Santa’s budget so I’ll just let the chips fall where they may this year!

If you were to cover a Christmas song, which would it be?
Donny Hathaway’s sThis Christmas or BeBe & CeCe Winans’ Silent Night.

Remember Band Aid’s Do They Know It’s Christmas? Which vocalist’s part would you sing or which instrumentalist would you sub-in for if a 2012 remake was proposed?
I’d be happy to take any part if  I can wear my hair ridiculously big with an oversized suit jacket and extra large shoulder pads.

Musical goals for 2013.
Be happy, first and foremost, release my album, tour, and enjoy the moment.

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