Paul Saulnier interviews J Mascis
The Toronto Star‘s Ben Rayner played it exactly right when he nominated Paul Saulnier of PS I Love You to speak with J Mascis in place of himself. (Yes, we asked to talk to J at one point — nothing ventured nothing gained, right? — but this clip, rife with awkwardness, makes us way less pouty about being completely ignored).

Way to go, Paul. You’re one gutsy mofo.

WATCH: Axes and answers: Dinosaur Jr.’s J Mascis talks guitars with PS I Love You’s Paul Saulnier.

And speaking of PS I Love You, the proudly-Canuck duo recently debuted their new music video meets mini-documentary (directed by Jared Raab and produced by Peter Dreimanis and Vulture Culture Films) for Saskatoon. It’s a thoughtful, super warm and fuzzy clip that you really ought to get to watching.


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