"Rock journalism is people who can't write
interviewing people who can't talk
for people who can't read."
(Frank Zappa)

Because Christmas is coming: Download Said The Whale's Christmas EP

Because Christmas is coming: Download Said The Whale’s Christmas EP

Vancouver’s Said The Whale are doing their part to make the season bright by offering up an excellent EP of Christmas-themed songs just in time for the holidays. Download and enjoy the band’s West Coast EP Christmas Collection below, but don’t be a Scrooge: Leave ’em a tidy tip for their festive efforts. Said The...
Because Christmas is coming: Ormonde's 'Blue Christmas'

Because Christmas is coming: Ormonde’s ‘Blue Christmas’

Because Christmas is coming: 'A Very Rosie Christmas Sampler' by Rosie Thomas

Because Christmas is coming: ‘A Very Rosie Christmas Sampler’ by Rosie Thomas

Including appearances by friends Sufjan Stevens, Damien Jurado, David Bazan (Pedro the Lion), and Denison Witmer, Rosie Thomas’ Xmas sampler hints at the sweet, festive flavor found on her new holiday collection entitled, A Very Rosie Christmas. Thoughtfully included, in the spirit of giving, is bonus track, Friendship Sleigh Ride. Enjoy, be merry — and give...
Download Hey Rosetta's new holiday ditty, 'Carry Me Home'

Download Hey Rosetta’s new holiday ditty, ‘Carry Me Home’

From the forthcoming holiday-inspired EP by Newfoundland’s, Hey Rosetta!, comes Carry Me Home, a Christmas-feelgood song written by frontman Tim Baker at an unexpected time and place: During the band’s Australian tour in sunny Brisbane. Stream the track above, or download it here. The 4-song ‘A Cup Of Kindness Yet‘ will be released November 19....
Sufjan Stevans to release 'Silver & Gold: Songs For Christmas'

Sufjan Stevans to release ‘Silver & Gold: Songs For Christmas’

We have to admit that we debated for more than a moment about whether or not to post this brand new Christmas song from Sufjan Stevan’s. Christmas music not only (depressingly) signals that snow and slush and ice are just around the corner, but also, no-one wants to get Christmas songs stuck in their head...
Download 'Silver Lining' from Guards

Download ‘Silver Lining’ from Guards

Emerging indie rockers Guards are prepping the release of debut LP, In Guards We Trust (via Black Bell and Velvet Vision) in February, and offer their first single, Silver Lining for download. Good of them, right? The track is produced by the bands own Richie Follin, brother of Cults‘ Madeline Follin.
Could Graph Rabbit's 'Only Fields' possibly be any prettier?

Could Graph Rabbit’s ‘Only Fields’ possibly be any prettier?

When we play this delicate, lilting, twinkling lullaby called Only Fields from Graph Rabbit (download available below), we hear the precious, soft crunch of sweet, silver-white bunnies hopping on sparkly, snow-covered hills, while distant stars glimmer in a violet-hued sky and fireflies (fireflies!) gracefully touch down only to float off again, lighting the way for...
Because Bat For Lashes might well be the new Cocteau Twins

Because Bat For Lashes might well be the new Cocteau Twins

Not that anyone could ever (ever!) be Elizabeth Fraser, but there’s more than one instance here where we hear a heavenly Cocteau Twins-esque strain…and that could just never be a bad thing. For immediate gratification, download Bat For Lashes’ Marilyn for free from Amazon now. The single will of course be included on forthcoming LP,...
Download Dan Deacon remix of Teen's 'Better'

Download Dan Deacon remix of Teen’s ‘Better’

Former Here We Go Magic member Teeny Lieberson, along with sisters Katherine and Lizzie and pal Jane Herships, offer up this very special dark-wavey remix of Better from the LP, In Limbo. The band have also added two new dates with Santigold to their existing late Summer/Fall tour schedule. All dates are listed below. TEEN...