"Rock journalism is people who can't write
interviewing people who can't talk
for people who can't read."
(Frank Zappa)

On Repeat
On repeat: The Lumineers by The Lumineers

On repeat: The Lumineers by The Lumineers

For the past month, my daily routine has warped to the tune of The Lumineers’ self-titled debut album—the strongest debut album I’ve heard in a while. Investing four years of writing, three years of home recording, two EPs and later re-recordings, the trio of Wesley Schultz (guitar, vocals), Jeremiah Fraites (rhythm) and (cello, mandolin, piano)...
On repeat: 'Some Days Are Better Than Others' OST by Matthew Cooper

On repeat: ‘Some Days Are Better Than Others’ OST by Matthew Cooper

Portlander Matthew McCormick’s feature film debut—the aptly titled Some Days Are Better Than Others— is a bleak character-driven look at the pitfalls of life, the passage of time and the fallacious inventions people create in order to cope with it all.  The film is centered on the lives of four characters— Eli, Katrina, Camille and...
On Repeat: 'Go Tell Fire to the Mountain' by WU LYF

On Repeat: ‘Go Tell Fire to the Mountain’ by WU LYF

It is particularly rare in this age of social media and instant access, for a band to emerge on the music scene with an air of mystery intact. Enter WU LYF: a band that has managed to both baffle and intrigue. The four Mancunians have received quite a lot of press coverage, ironically due to...
'Crazy Clown Time' by David Lynch

‘Crazy Clown Time’ by David Lynch

David Lynch’s deep appreciation for music is no secret and now, the director known for his meticulous and experimental sound design choices, has gone and made an album based on the imagery in his delightfully twisted brain. Crazy Clown Time sounds like what it is: a debut album from a talented surrealist filmmaker—nothing more, nothing...
On Repeat: 'Days' by Real Estate

On Repeat: ‘Days’ by Real Estate

Real Estate creates music fitting for casual bike rides on leisurely summer days—light, simple and pleasing—and the overall tone of their latest LP Days can be neatly summarized by the title of its opening track: Easy. Carrying over similar qualities of their 2009 eponymous debut, this work evokes all the same weather-related adjectives you might...
On Repeat: 'Megafaun' by Megafaun

On Repeat: ‘Megafaun’ by Megafaun

[Released via Hometapes 09.20.11 and still on repeat at Talk Rock To Me.] Four years, four releases—and one heck of an evolution. Industrious trio Megafaun—comprised of Joe Westerlund and brothers, Brad and Phil Cook—are no strangers to recording, but their self-titled LP is in many ways a first for the band. Gone are the days...
On Repeat: 'Parallax' by Atlas Sound

On Repeat: ‘Parallax’ by Atlas Sound

[Parallax was released by 4AD on 11.08.11 and is still on repeat at Talk Rock To Me]. Bradford Cox is somewhat of a musical astronaut, charting new realms of sound and continuing to surprise listeners with his findings. On Parallax — the carefully crafted and cleverly executed latest release from his solo project, Atlas Sound...
On repeat: Kathleen Edwards' Voyageur

On repeat: Kathleen Edwards’ Voyageur

01.17.12 (Maple Music) Of the many female musicians to pepper the Canadian landscape, only a precious few (Austra’s Katie Stelmanis, Metric’s Emily Haines) are unique enough to make waves while the majority of others fall together into an indistinguishable (albeit pretty-voiced) chorus of not-quite-Feists. Kathleen Edwards is most certainly the former; a woman who has...
On Repeat: tUnE -yArDs' w h o ki l l

On Repeat: tUnE -yArDs’ w h o ki l l

It’s tough to find words that feel powerful enough to do Merill Garbus justice. In a time when new music rarely sounds new and listeners are as fickle as ever, the compelling talent behind tUnE-yArDs has just the right kind of flair and personality the music scene so desperately needs. To say w h o...