"Rock journalism is people who can't write
interviewing people who can't talk
for people who can't read."
(Frank Zappa)

Hear Cold Pumas 'Persistent Malaise' LP in full

Hear Cold Pumas ‘Persistent Malaise’ LP in full

We’re falling in love with Brighton’s krautrock-y Cold Pumas. They’re atmospheric, driving and insistent in a Joy Division-esque kinda way, and they absolutely hypnotize with their raw, relentless repetition, repetition, repetition. Their debut LP, Persistent Malaise, will drop November 5th via Faux Discx/Gringo Records/Italian Beach Babes but until then, you can stream it in full...
Warm up to Popstrangers' 'Heaven'

Warm up to Popstrangers’ ‘Heaven’

Native New Zealanders Joel Flyger, Adam Page and David Larson are Popstrangers, a trio of punk-influenced noise-pop makers who’ll arrive to the scene with debut album, Antipodes in February 2013. There now—they’re no longer strangers. Now go ahead and warm up to Antipodes first single, Heaven.
Hear the first single from Ducktails' 'The Flower Lane'

Hear the first single from Ducktails’ ‘The Flower Lane’

Ducktails — recording alias of Real Estate guitarist Matthew Mondanile — announces its fourth album, The Flower Lane, for a  January 2013 release via Domino. Possibly the most accessible Ducktails song yet, the title track offered up below is rife with trippy vocals and languid guitars and yes — come to think of it —...
The Stones shoot up zombies in new song, 'Doom and Gloom'

The Stones shoot up zombies in new song, ‘Doom and Gloom’

Perhaps you’ve heard of them — The Rolling Stones? This wee British band will be putting out yet another compilation of hits this November and word is that it will include two new tracks, including the one below, Doom and Gloom. Beginning with the re-telling of a bizarre dream involving a crashed plane, insane passengers...
Because we're totally buying into Generationals' 'Sale City'

Because we’re totally buying into Generationals’ ‘Sale City’

Taken from their brand new Lucky Numbers EP, Sale City from Generationals is a new-wavey, synth-propelled piece radiating comforting, warm retro vibes. Generationals on tour 10/05 – Lexington, KY – Cosmic Charlie’s * 10/06 – Nashville, TN – The High Watt * 10/07 – St. Louis, MO – Off Broadway * 10/09 – Minneapolis, MN...
Dinosaur Jr. announce 'Chocomel Daze (Live 1987)' LP

Dinosaur Jr. announce ‘Chocomel Daze (Live 1987)’ LP

Dinosaur Jr.‘s classic You’re Living All Over Me, turns 25 this fall and to mark the occasion, Merge Records will release Chocomel Daze (Live 1987), a rare live recording featuring the original trio of J, Lou, and Murph, recorded at Dorrnroosje, Nijmegen, Netherlands. The album, to be released as a limited edition, will be offered ...
Memory Tapes announces new LP, streams first single

Memory Tapes announces new LP, streams first single

Carpark recording artist Memory Tapes — recording alias of New Jersey-based musician Dayve Hawk — has announced a new album, Grace/Confusion will be released December 4th. “I’ve always explained Memory Tapes as pop music as field recordings,” says Hawk . “I decided to showcase a kind of chaotic reaching. I don’t think the record is...
Because PINS are so late-70's punk/noir

Because PINS are so late-70’s punk/noir

Manchester’s PINS have debuted their 4-song EP LuvU4Lyf  in full via Soundcloud, and it is noir and Siouxsie like and deliciously moody. (And we totally love the singer’s bangs). The LuvU4Lyf  EP is out now on Bella Union. Upcoming PINS tour date 10 Oct 2012 – Liverpool at Shipping Forecast 11 Oct 2012 – Glasgow...
Sufjan Stevans to release 'Silver & Gold: Songs For Christmas'

Sufjan Stevans to release ‘Silver & Gold: Songs For Christmas’

We have to admit that we debated for more than a moment about whether or not to post this brand new Christmas song from Sufjan Stevan’s. Christmas music not only (depressingly) signals that snow and slush and ice are just around the corner, but also, no-one wants to get Christmas songs stuck in their head...