Graph Rabbit is easily one of 2012’s most gorgeous surprises. Introducing their light-as-air LP Snowblind in early October, duo Austin Donohue and Shy Kedmi create distinctly delicate yet sonically complex songs — like Only Fields and Make It Stop that effectively (almost magically) transport listeners to whimsical otherworlds.

Austin spoke with us last month about the band’s carefully-crafted aesthetic and now reconnects to share both his year-end tidings and Graph Rabbit’s new, “artistically terrifying,” ballet-inspired beaut of a video, Falling Snow (posted below).

Describe 2012 in one sentence.
2012 was the year that irony started to fall over and sincerity got up and dusted itself off and took a few steps toward our hearts.

Best moment by far?
Shooting our new video for the song Falling Snow with Ovations Dance Repertory Company and choreographer Orlando Pena was really thrilling.  Dancing onstage with the ballet was sort of terrifying. I was kicked many times with wooden toe-shoes, but it was mostly artistically terrifying as I’m not really a dancer and they’re amazing. But I loved every minute of it.

Favorite record this year?
Valtari by Sigur Rós.

What song proved to be the biggest earworm?
From that record?  They are hardly songs, really. I think Jonsi and the band have transcended the concept of songs. That record is a big single work that has different movements. Earworms….hmmm, that whole album is more like a giant sand worm from David Lynch’s Dune.  Those worms need to be ridden as they surge across vast landscapes in the dark!

What artist/band did something pretty cool this year that deserves a special nod?
I feel so out of touch. But, I thought it was pretty bold and courageous of Grizzly Bear to speak up about how the music industry is so damaged.  Artists need to voice these issues, so kudos to the bear from the rabbit.

Like Christmas, love Christmas, hate Christmas. And why?
I love any excuse to listen to Bing Crosby’s White Christmas.  But I am staunchly a naturalist, so the whole baby Jesus birthday thing doesn’t work for me. But it’s funny, because Graph Rabbit is pretty intentionally trying to secularize the awesome sounds that are so strongly associated with Xmas – sleigh bells, handbell choirs, high falsetto solo voice. We’re trying to free that beautiful stuff the way Warhol freed pop media. So, I guess we’re like post-Xmassists.

Where will you be on Christmas morning?
The mountains of Virginia, hoping for snow.

What’s on the top of your Christmas wishlist?
I’m stoked for Neil Young’s Pono player which comes out in 2013. It will play 192kHZ/24-bit recordings converted directly from the master recordings. I’m happy to see him work to raise quality the standards for digital music. Maybe people will value recordings again, and maybe fidelity will return to people. We really wish people could hear what our records sound like rolling off the master analog tape, and we’re Pono comparable and ready to do it! Tell Santa!

If you were to cover a Christmas song, which would it be?
Little Drummer Boy — and not because of Bowie but because the song is so haunting and beautiful.

Remember Band Aid’s Do They Know Its Christmas?  Which vocalist’s part would you sing or which instrumentalist would you sub-in for if a 2012 remake was proposed?
Whoa, I had never seen this before. That era of music is sort of scary to me.  I’d probably get a soar throat or something, knowing me.

Musical goals for 2013?
Graph Rabbit has one goal which is to constantly outdo ourselves. With a new record in the works, I’m kind of freaked but totally psyched to get the “sophomore release” out there in fall of 2013. We are resolved!


Download Graph Rabbit’s  Snowblind over at iTunes and learn more about them at their official site.


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