Described as a Tennessee-born, bourbon-drinking, book-collecting Eagle Scout with a Masters in Divinity from Scotland’s University of St Andrews (producing a dissertation on “Springsteen and American Redemptive Imagination”), Drew Holcomb of Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors personally introduces himself to Talk Rock To Me by talking 2012 — the year that gave birth to Another Neighborly Christmas EP, the recently completed, soon-to-be-released Good Light LP,  and last but not least, a tiny bundle named Emmylou.


Best moment of 2012 by far?
Easily the best moment of 2012 was the birth of my daughter, Emmylou, named after Emmylou Harris, whose concert set the stage for me asking Ellie, my wife, out on our first date.

Favorite record this year?
Avett Brothers’ The Carpenter.

What song proved to be the biggest earworm?
Eric Church’s Springsteen was my guilty pleasure this year for sure.

What artist/band did something pretty cool this year that deserves a special nod?
There’s a great band out of Ohio called Red Wanting Blue that have become good friends of ours. I was thrilled to see them perform on Letterman this year.

Fess up: Like Christmas, love Christmas, or hate Christmas?
Love Christmas because I have fond Christmas memories, and I really enjoy my family.

Where will you be on Christmas morning?
At my parents house in Memphis.

What’s at the top of your Christmas wishlist?
Someday I would love a Mid-1970s jeep, CJ7, but I don’t that made it on Santa’s list this year.

What’s your favorite Christmas song to cover?
We do a pretty fun version of Baby It’s Cold Outside.

Remember Band Aid’s Do They Know It’s Christmas? Which vocalist’s part would you sing or which instrumentalist would you sub-in for if a 2012 remake was proposed?
I’d love to take the Bono part. He’s a big hero of mine.

Musical goals for 2013?
We are incredibly proud of our new record, Good Light, which comes out in February. Excited about the new doors that usually open with new records. We are always excited to hit the road in support of records, and this year will be another year where we hit it as hard as we possibly can.

Good Light will be released February 26th. Another Neighborly Christmas by Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors is available now at iTunes.

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