A mad, bad and dangerous to know Jack White burns copious amounts of rubber in the new, racey-in-all-respects video for Blunderbuss single, Freedom at 21.

Directed by hip-hop’s favorite director, Hype Williams, the high-octane new clip features a (literally) blue-in-the-face White going all ‘road warrior’ and getting mixed up with the law (or at least, a hip hop director’s idea of what the law should look like). After a sexy roadside frisk and a slammin’ makeout session in the slammer, White busts out all ultra-gangsta-stylie with a buxom babe who is…well, busting out her top.

Americans, you really just have to see it for yourself. Canadians, you’ll have to wait as the vid is not yet available to us for whatever lame-ass reason. (Rest assured however, we’ll update and recirculate this post as soon as we have a good link).

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