Kim Deal totally kills it: 'Walking With a Killer"

Alongside softly-strutting cymbals and a plodding, ominous bass line, Kim Deal — or at least the disembodied voice of her phantom self — tells the story of a (near?) perilous end with new track, Walking With a Killer.

Perfectly, eerily sung in that inimitable, casual-bordering-on-utterly-disinterested tone as only Deal can, the song contains such spine-tingling, lyrical gems as, “I know I should hide…” , “I know it was my night to die…”“I would not survive…”

Perhaps this would’ve come off even cooler if released near Halloween — it effectively jerks  us out of our delightful, near-Christmas reverie —  but we’re on the our fourth listen of the track as we write, and are no less captivated by the compellingly dark tale.


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