Cokefloat! by PAWS

Glasgow three-piece PAWS have just inked a deal with Fat Cat Records and present this lo-fi, pop rock ditty from their forthcoming, October 9th release, Cokefloat!, for our consideration. It’s called Miss American Bookworm, it’s got fuzzed-out, frantic, feel-good guitars and it asks a very valid, all-important question: ‘Why are people so mean?

PAWS’ Cokefloat! Tracklist
01. Catherine 1956
02. Jellyfish
03. Homecoming
04. Pony
05. Bloodline
06. Boregasm
07. Sore Tummy
08. Get Bent
09. Tulip
10. Miss American Bookworm
11. Bird Inside Birdcage, Ribcage Inside Bird
12. Winners Don’t Bleed
13. Poor Old Christopher Robin

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