Powerfully potent PS I Love You are making ears quake and souls shake with their shred-tastic sophomore LP Death Dreams – a raucous yelp fest inspired by the real-life, sleep-induced imaginings of singer/guitarist Paul Saulnier. In anticipation of their impending Montreal show, Talk Rock To Me asks PS to reveal what scares him most and discovers the list includes this particular interview, perpetuallycrashing planes, and sketchy dudes in bushes.

Do you dream often?
Yep. All the time; awake or sleeping.

Do you have recurring dreams?
Yes. Yes I do.

Do things chase you in your dreams?
Not really. I mostly get followed…Slowly.

What’s your scariest ever death dream?
Probably the one where I die and then I’m trapped forever in my childhood elementary school – and no one can see or hear me.

Scariest movie?
The Shining.

Scariest book?
Pet Semetary.

Scariest record?
Suspiria by Goblin.

What’s scariest by far: Zombies, hatchet murderers…or a sink full of dirty dishes?
Aw, gee I dunno. I guess hatchet murderers because they’re the most real of the three.

In Don’t Go, you sing: “Sleeping in the van with a knife in my hand…” Have you really ever done that?
Yeah. One night after a show in Chicago we wanted to drive for a few hours and find a hotel on the road. We couldn’t find one with an empty room so we slept in the van in a weird parking lot by a freeway on-ramp. When I was trying to sleep I noticed two sketchy dudes in the side view mirror; they were hiding in this bush and watching us. I had a little knife for fruit and stuff and I held it tight and watched them watch me until the sun came up. I don’t know what those dudes were up to but I’m glad I didn’t fall asleep and find out.

Have you ever predicted the future in your dreams?
I had a dream about this exact email interview, except that I was writing it while on a plane that was like, perpetually crashing.

Do you ever dream new PS I Love You songs then hurriedly write them down when you wake?
Yeah. Well, not exactly. I always have a guitar in my bed and I play songs from dreams when I wake up. Death Dreams Part 1 is one of those dream songs.

Has releasing Death Dreams helped you ward off death dreams – or dream new ones?
I don’t really know. Lately I’ve mostly been dreaming about trains for some reason: I’m on a train; I’m near a lot of trains; I am a train…Trains.

Are you scared of coming to Montreal on June 2nd?

I am now that you’ve asked me.

Are you scared there might be a poutine shortage?
Montreal will never run out of vegetarian poutine, so I’ll be okay.

Is there anywhere you’d be scared to play?
Nope. I’m not scared of anything.

Watch PS I Love You’s brand-spankin’ new Princess Towers video here, then snag a copy of the frighteningly great Death Dreams LP here. For added thrills, catch the band live as they scream their way through the following Canadian cities:

May 29 – Fredericton – The Capital Complex
May 30 – Charlottetown – Hunters Ale House
May 31 – Halifax – Michael’s
Jun 02 – Montreal – Il Motore
Jun 06 – Ottawa – Mavericks
Jun 09 – Kingston – The Grad Club

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