"Rock journalism is people who can't write
interviewing people who can't talk
for people who can't read."
(Frank Zappa)

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Johnny Marr gives us 'The Right Thing Right'

Johnny Marr gives us ‘The Right Thing Right’

Best known (at least or the moment) as a strummer of strings in The Smiths, Modest Mouse and The Cribs, Johnny Marr is effectively stoking the fires of his guitar-hero legacy with imminent debut, The Messenger. His second single from the record (due due February 26th) is entitled, The Right Thing Right, and it serves...
Johnny Marr unveils 'The Messenger'

Johnny Marr unveils ‘The Messenger’

Earlier this month, we gasped when it was reported that Johnny Marr had announced his first proper solo LP, The Messenger, for release in February 2013. Today, we muffle tiny squeals of delight as he surprises us with a video for the title track. It’s artsy (but not too artsy) in a tasteful black and...
Johnny Marr announces solo LP, 'The Messenger'

Johnny Marr announces solo LP, ‘The Messenger’

Did you hear that? We sure did. It was the collective *gasp* of Johnny Marr fans the world over as concrete news of his first-ever, proper solo album breaks across the intraweeb. According to his official website, Johnny has recorded The Messenger and scheduled it for a February 25th release date via Warner Bros. Recorded...
We Barbarians: In a brand new headspace

We Barbarians: In a brand new headspace

With inspired vocals and dramatic guitar atop a distinctive rhythmic foundation, David Quon (vocals, guitar), Derek VanHeule (bass,vocals) and Nathan Warkentin (drums/vocals) are We Barbarians – a three-piece indie rock band that evokes a wholehearted, earnest sound with subtle undercurrents of an ’80s-era U2. Searching for new inspiration, the trio bid farewell to their lifelong...