"Rock journalism is people who can't write
interviewing people who can't talk
for people who can't read."
(Frank Zappa)

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Because it's Thanksgiving: Covers of Led Zeppelin's 'Thank You'

Because it’s Thanksgiving: Covers of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Thank You’

Tapping into that lovin’, thankful feelin’, we’ve rounded up a few notable cover’s of Led Zeppelin’s 1969 song, Thank You. To start, Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell gave the classic song a rather heartfelt go back in 2005 while playing Stockholm, Sweden. Long before that, Tori Amos infused the song with her signature ‘Amos’ vibe on her...
Soundgarden releases new track for The Avengers

Soundgarden releases new track for The Avengers

Fictitious superhero clan The Avengers prove they really do have extraordinary powers by effectively prompting the first new Soundgarden studio song in 15 years. The new track Live To Rise is featured on the The Avengers official film soundtrack (available now).  Its corresponding video depicts members of Soundgarden – Chris Cornell, Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron...