Brighton psych band TOY — recently dubbed by MOJO magazine as the band poised to dominate 2012’s best-of lists with their mind-melting punk/psych/krautrock/post rock — are weeks away from unleashing their anticipated and epic self-titled  September 11.

In the meantime, the band’s single Dead & Gone has received some special remix love from the good Andrew Weatherall (below). Look for an upcoming feature interview with the band on Talk Rock To Me in the coming weeks.


TOY Tracklist
1.  Colour’s Running Out
2.  The Reasons Why
3.  Dead & Gone
4.  Lose My Way
5.  Drifting Deeper
6.  Motoring
7.  My Heart Skips A Beat
8.  Strange
9.  Make It Mine
10. Omni
11. Walk Up To Me
12. Kopter

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